Chaitanya Michael Malaga began his spiritual journey in 2006 when he met his first yoga teachers, Yogi Charu and Sudevi Sundari. They are highly trained in the science of Hatha, Tantra and Bhakti yoga. Chaitanya means awareness and was given to him by his spiritual teacher, Janananda Gosvami Maharaja. Since the age of 16, he has always embraced the Eastern philosophy, internal arts and meditation. However, it was this point of his life that allowed him to experience both the gross and subtle effects of Yoga. The levels of the physical, energetic, mental,  and spiritual awareness unfolded before him.

Today, Chaitanya continues to explore the art of Being and captures the world as it is through the mediums of photography, art, yoga and meditation. He loves connecting with others through these mediums and often over a delicious cup of chai.

Kelsey Hendrickson with Chai.